Lucy Mueller’s Photographs on Exhibit At PERKOLATOR

Lucy Mueller’s Photographs on Exhibit At PERKOLATOR

Northwest side neighbor, photographer Lucy Mueller will be on hand April 18 to meet fellow art lovers at Perkolator. Part of a six-week showcase of Mueller’s work, the exhibit is the fourth in an ongoing series of events promoting the work of artists who live in the area. The reception will give patrons a chance to see intriguing images that often get lost amid the clutter of our busy times

The images in the show reflect different themes that Mueller has focused on during her career. She is passionate about architecture and, “enjoys trekking around the city, being out in the elements, and photographing from unusual vantage points.”

Work from her “Strange Travels” series. is from her daily routine and adventures. “I enjoy discovering the unusual or ironic juxtapositions of life. I enjoy finding the individual human touches and quirks that make life interesting.”

Other work in the show explores subjects found in nature and their relationship with man-made objects. “I find naturally-occurring photo-montages or use Photoshop to combine images digitally to create a more fantastical view.”

“Unrealized Dreams” explores the unfulfilled dreams of consumer culture. “Material items are often equated with success. Photographing these possessions, -although inanimate, encourage us to speculate about the owners’ tastes and ambitions, and perhaps their backstories as well.”

Mueller’s enthusiasm for finding art in everyday places is an easy match for Perkolator, which has a commitment to community involvement. In addition to offering coffee, baked goods and conversation, the venue strives to be a comfortable spot where the value of art becomes accessible to the community.

Mueller’s work is on display from April 1 through May 15, with a reception on April 18, from 2:30 p.m. to 4 p.m. Perkolator is located at 6032 W. Irving Park Rd. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of photographs at the show will benefit Harmony House for Cats.

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