Sara Peak Convery’s Paintings On Display At Perkolator

Sara Peak Convery’s Paintings On Display At Perkolator

Northwest Side Artist Reveals Our Private Moments
Sara Peak Convery Exhibit Opens At PERKOLATOR
   The work of painter and Northwest Side resident Sara Peak Convery will fill the walls of the PERKOLATOR coffeehouse May 15 through June 30. The exhibit will be presented in conjunction with the Northwest Arts Connection, a grassroots organization dedicated to highlighting the area’s cultural opportunities and talents.
   Convery’s paintings have an intimacy that give us a glimpse into some of our own private moments. Her training was both as a painter and photographer. She found herself drawn to film as a more direct way to tell stories Convery’s early influences include the work of photographers Diane Arbus and Cindy Sherman. Her background as a photographer influences her compositional choices.
   Her subjects and situations are familiar to us. They remind us of the snapshots we might take ourselves. They express emotional experience as much as physical reality. She invites us to participate in her creative process by allowing us to fill in little details in her canvases from our own experience or imagination. The result is an involvement with the art that is both comforting and laced with tension.
2009 The Smokers web SM

Too Kool For Skool

   While working on her graduate degree, she began to experiment with both 16mm film and video editing. Her first mid-length documentary “I Never Said I Wasn’t Happy” was completed in 2013, winning Best Documentary at the Black Earth Film Festival and Best Concept in Documentary at Red Dirt International Film Festival. The film expands on themes in two earlier films, examining family dynamics through her parents’ marriage. It has been shown at several film festivals, including St Louis International Film Festival and BornShorts in Denmark.
   Convery’s exhibit of paintings is the fifth in an ongoing collaborations between the Northwest Arts Connection and Perkolator, which opened last fall in the heart of Portage Park’s Irving-Austin business district at 6032 W. Irving Park Road.
   There will be a reception for the artist at PERKOLATOR on June 6, from 2:30 – 4:00pm
   You can see more of Sara Peak Convery’s art at her web site
   Contact PERKOLATOR at (773) 853-2261 or visit them on Facebook.
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Bacon Strips

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The Guitar Lesson

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War Time Wedding

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