Jeanne Roppolo–Author, Raconteur (Storyteller), Guest Speaker

Jeanne Roppolo–Author, Raconteur (Storyteller), Guest Speaker

Jeanne at McMurdo Sign

Because of her unique outlook on life, this Chicago-born mother and grandmother has been a movie extra for Kevin Costner’s Waterworld, volunteer firefighter, founding member of Waimea Main Street, serial entrepreneur—including creating and managing a bed and breakfast in Hawaii—PTA president, laborer for Habitat for Humanity,  blogger for Road Scholar on the Trans-Siberian Railway, contract worker for the National Science Foundation, and more.

For the last 20 years, Jeanne Roppolo has been abroad, out-of-state, in the suburbs, and is now living in the Dunning neighborhood, on the northwest side of Chicago.

She has written five books about her “true-life adventures,” with more on the way. She gives motivational speeches and travelogues with photos and videos, and leads workshops. Through her books, artifacts, props, and lively audience discussion, she tells the captivating tale of how, as a traditional young wife and mother, without money or a college degree, she was placed onto a strange and unforeseen path. An attendee commented, “Jeanne addressed the audience as if she were talking to friends. Her unique photographs made the story come alive. The Q & A proved enlightening. I enjoyed it very much.”

She believes that through the telling of my unconventional story you may see the opportunities and transformative experiences that may be hidden in your everyday life; listen to that little voice that is your soul—take a chance—you may be surprised where it leads.

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