Around the Corner–Participating School Aspira Early College

Around the Corner–Participating School Aspira Early College

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“I want them to know they are good”—Ulises Rivero, art teacher at Aspira Early College, on why he wants his students to participate in the Around the Corner exhibit.

Students want to get various things out of the process. “Mainly experience.”  “Learn different skills” and “meet a lot of other people.” “Opportunities to go to colleges that have art.”  “Get offers.” “Learn more about art and possibly gain more skill.”

Several students at Aspira Early College are hard at work getting ready for the exhibit (see Around the Corner General Information). They are making progress on collaborative pieces, and some students have individual pieces. Paint is widely used, although some pieces will be more sculptural; one sounds particularly intriguing, but I don’t want to issue any spoilers.

IMG_0453 Ulises Rivero cropped tweaked copy resized   IMG_0671 Detail from work in progress resized

Artists working on large collaborative painting; detail from work in progress

These students did not necessarily decide to do art because of a desire to be an artist, although one was inspired by Frida Kahlo. In some cases, they were drawn to art by watching someone else do it—a dad, a sister, or a teacher. Mauricio explains he “always loved to make arts and crafts” but was inspired by his art teacher to develop his painting skills (first video below). He also mentions what he hopes to get out of the Around the Corner experience (second video).

The third video shows Liane’s colorful painting “Newborn Wolf”—”it’s showing his true colors and passion, like I’m showing my passion for art.”

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