Around the Corner–Partner Spotlight on Hairpin Arts Center (HAC)

Around the Corner–Partner Spotlight on Hairpin Arts Center (HAC)

Hairpin exterior with Hairpin sign

Thank you, Hairpin Arts Center, for hosting the 2nd annual Around the Corner

The Logan Square Chamber of Arts manages and programs the Hairpin Arts Center, a Multi Arts and Multi Cultural Arts venue featuring performances, music, and visual art. Arts activities at the Hairpin Arts Center include but are not limited to: Dance, Music, Performance, Spoken Word, Theater, Visual Arts, Creative Writing and classes related to these art forms. We seek to be seen as a place of convergence. A meeting place to make and discuss art with an engaged artist and an engaged public.  It is our pleasure to host the 2nd annual Around The Corner nurturing the next generation of Northwest Side artists and community-builders.

Enrique Morales, a Northwest Side artist, says, “The Hairpin and its director, Gretchen Henninger, have shown an incredible level of interest and support when it comes to community development through the arts. Gretchen understands the unique position the Hairpin Arts Center (HAC) has in attracting a diverse arts audience and it utilizes its limited resources to ‘make things happen.’ The HAC is truly a cultural gem in our ‘neck of the woods.’ ”

Enrique remembers his experience curating a satellite show for EXPO CHGO 2015 in the HAC. “The theme dealt with race relations and prison reform. We hosted a panel discussion with a state legislator that opened our eyes to the realities of the current state of our prison system and the need to change, starting from the top down. This is a perfect example of what Gretchen loves to showcase, art with a social impact beyond the aesthetic.”

Hairpin interior

Light. That’s what you see when you walk into the gallery space in the middle of the day. The building’s flatiron design and Hairpin’s 2nd-floor location—and the huge windows that line the walls—make it a light trap. The space is a bright, attractive setting for a visual art exhibit.

The building was commissioned in 1929 by The Hump Hair Pin Manufacturing Company of Chicago as a six-story mixed-use combination store and office building. Look for the camel insignia that decorates the exterior, a version of the Hump Hair Pin logo. In recent years the building has been renovated and now includes residences and retail space as well as Hairpin Arts Center.

2810 N. Milwaukee Ave., Chicago


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