Avondale Restaurant Crawl–Participating Restaurant Kuma’s Corner

Avondale Restaurant Crawl–Participating Restaurant Kuma’s Corner

Northwest Arts Connection visits the restaurants participating in the 4th Annual Avondale Restaurant Crawl on Wednesday, June 1, 2016. It kicks off at 6PM at Brands Park in the Avondale neighborhood, Chicago. Check out the event details here or find us on Facebook!

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Kuma’s Corner says “We’re a gourmet burger bar.” Does this sound a little frou-frou? They also say they have “a love for meat and heavy metal.” They love to celebrate heavy metal, and all of their entrees, including their monthly burger specials, are named after a metal band.

They offer a rotating selection of craft beers and spirits and support local, homegrown suppliers.

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They want to give back to the community so they have a charity of the month. One of their regular customers reports the employees always seem to be in a good mood, like they are being treated well—and it’s not a false front. The head chef’s name is featured in the menu; how many times do you see that?

This is their first year as a participating Crawl restaurant. They are also generous sponsors of the Crawl.

For the Crawl they will be serving slider versions of their Pig Destroyer pulled pork sandwich. They make the pork daily in-house and serve with a BBQ sauce made in-house with bourbon. Aaahhh!

How do you describe the type of food you offer in the restaurant? What made you decide to offer this type of food?

We offer up the best burgers known to man. We’re a gourmet burger bar. Everyone enjoys a good burger. What we aim to do is exceed expectations on that front. We have 16 unique and different burgers to choose from on our menu. In addition, every month we have a special rotating Burger of the Month.

How long has the restaurant been doing business in the Avondale area?

We’ve been open for over 10 years now in Avondale.

What do you like about doing business in the Avondale area?

We started as a community-driven business, and we plan on staying that way. Avondale has been extremely kind to us. Thanks for putting up with all the loud music!

What else do you like about the Avondale area?

Avondale has all these gems throughout. RIP Hot Dougs. Honey Butter Fried Chicken is fantastic. Bucket O’ Blood Books and Records just became our neighbor which has been really cool. It’s a great neighborhood in between all the chaos.

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What do you hope to get out of participating in the 2016 Avondale Restaurant Crawl?

We’ve recently expanded our business to four locations (Avondale, Lakeview, Schaumburg, and Indianapolis). We want the Avondale community, who have become familiar with us throughout the last 10 years, to come check us out again. The dreadful lines aren’t there anymore. You can come in and get seated quickly. So don’t be scared off!

We love this neighborhood. Kuma’s was built on a very loyal regular base. That’s not forgotten.

2900 W. Belmont Ave., Chicago

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