Rich Lang, Around the Corner Emcee

Rich Lang, Around the Corner Emcee

Rich Lang

Rich Lang

Rich Lang will be emceeing this year’s Around the Corner reception on Saturday, May 14th.

He sounds like a radio announcer, his voice smooth and deep, words well articulated, not too slow or too fast. In fact, when he ordered a coffee, the barista said his voice sounded familiar, and was he on the radio?

It turns out he has never been a radio announcer. He does meet with a group that recreates old radio shows. They have one to two performances a month, often at senior homes. It sounds like a lot of fun. They put on appropriate costumes such as dresses, hats, suits, and ties, and bring a sound effects table.

Rich credits his years of teaching for his ability to reach out and draw in an audience and his lack of fear around a microphone.

Rich and Marlena Ascher, Northwest Arts Connection president, met at the BBQ Fest in Six Corners. Rich’s partner for the Abbott and Costello “Who’s on First” routine was absent, and Marlena stepped up to the plate (so to speak).

Through Marlena, Rich learned about Northwest Arts Connection. He likes the Northwest Side, and he likes the arts and wants to learn more about various aspects of the arts.

As a 1957 graduate of Steinmetz High School, he is particularly interested in meeting the Steinmetz students and seeing their artwork.

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