Avondale Restaurant Crawl–Participating Theater Prop Thtr

Avondale Restaurant Crawl–Participating Theater Prop Thtr

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Northwest Arts Connection visits the restaurants—and Prop Thtr—participating in the 4th Annual Avondale Restaurant Crawl on Wednesday, June 1, 2016. It kicks off at 6PM at Brands Park in the Avondale neighborhood, Chicago. Check out the event details here or find us on Facebook!

Scott Vehill, Prop Thtr co-founder, says their view of theater is broad and includes music, poetry, and dance. “We try to include as much diversity in art as we possibly can.”

The evening of the Avondale Restaurant Crawl, The Crooked Mouth Band will play at the theater. This is your chance to attend a live rehearsal in which the band members work on new songs and fine-tune existing ones. They would love to see you.

What they say about their music: “We will be honest with you. The Crooked Mouth is pretty hard to classify stylistically. Each of our five members write songs, and each has a distinct and different way of coming at things. Our sounds range from folksy to Brechtsy and places in between. There are stories inside them. Many stories. We are also theater people, after all, and members of the Curious Theatre Branch, one of Chicago’s oldest fringe companies.”

IMG_1084 resized Stefan Brun and Scott Vehill

Stefan Brün and Scott Vehill founded Prop Thtr in 1981 with the aim of helping to develop new works and new workers. They moved to the Avondale neighborhood about 10 years ago.

They have two performance spaces. Of note:

“The Eviller Twin” by Sue Cargill, a dark comedy from Curious Theatre Branch. Description: “The Eviller Twin concerns Clothilde and Flavia, identical twins, though one’s a bit repressed and the other is rather wild.  When Flavia gets engaged to her latest pick-up, Clothilde must cope in her own special way: perhaps murder; maybe madness; who the heck is who?!” Runs through Sunday, June 5th in the 3504 space.

For “Bars and Measures” by Idris Goodwin, the 3502 space is transformed into a jazz club. Description: “We meet two brothers. One a classical pianist. The other a jazz bass player. One a Christian. The other a Muslim. One living in freedom. The other in jail. Separated by bars, the brothers try to reconcile their differences through the language they know best. Music. A beautiful journey through faith, family, melody and time.” Opens June 10th.

Special event “Promenade: An Evening of Historical Fashion.” Fashion show and cabaret with music, dance, burlesque, and more. One-day special event on Saturday, June 18th at 8:00 pm.

3502-3504 N. Elston Ave., Chicago



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