Rosy Events: Event Planning

Rosy Events: Event Planning

Northwest Arts Connection: Why do you want to support local cultural development?

Rosy Events: There has long been a rumor that former Mayor Richard M. Daley used to say, “Arts and culture are as important a city service as water.” Hearing it for the first time was a light-bulb moment for me as a young City worker tasked with creating and producing free cultural programming.

Throughout my fifteen years of events experience, I’ve learned that incorporating arts and culture is an often-overlooked element of economic development. However, when you treat the arts as an essential part of an area’s development you create a place where people want to live, work, and socialize. Making quality art and cultural events accessible leads to a thriving community increased spending and ultimately stronger businesses. Without it, communities dry up. Much like a plant left unwatered.

That’s why, when I left my job as a public servant to open my own business, I chose to donate my time and services to community organizations dedicated to improving the lives of our neighbors through the arts. That’s why I buy tickets to events and fundraisers as often as possible. And that’s why I support local artists and business. I hope you will join me, whether it be in my community or your own.

Rose DiPietro is the owner and Executive Producer of Rosy Events. Rosy Events specializes in creating one-of-a-kind events including festivals, corporate meetings and conferences, promotions, fundraisers, and social events. We have experience with events of all types and sizes from small meetings to festivals for more than 250,000 people. Rosy Events can assist with projects from inception to completion or anything in between. Visit to learn more.

Thank you, Rosy Events, for sponsoring the 2017 Avondale Restaurant Crawl!


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