Burger King: Committed to Serving the Community

Burger King: Committed to Serving the Community

Ray Dominguez, Burger King owner:

We have been part of the Avondale community for over 35 years.

I started at BK when I was 20 years old and had the great opportunity to purchase our one and only Burger King.

We all take great pride in our store, our community, and our team. Most of our managers and team members reside in Avondale, and without their commitment to honest hard work and pride we would not be here. Avondale is a hard-working community that has a vibrant multi-cultural pizzazz. The people are friendly and are always there to lend a helping hand.

We are committed to serving our community, making it a safe, clean and pleasing environment for you to enjoy a cup of coffee or a meal. This year we have invested in making our store more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. All of our exterior and interior lights will be converted to LED. A new broiler has been ordered that will save energy and also reduce exhaust emissions by 85% to 90%. Reducing our water and energy consumption is paramount in operating a healthy business. The next year will be full of innovation to make our store easier to work in and to offer our guests more choices and convenience.

The Avondale Restaurant Crawl is one of the most anticipated events of the year. It is a great place to meet other small business owners, eat great food, and offer our support to Buy Local.

Thank you, Ray Dominguez and Burger King, for sponsoring the 5th Annual Avondale Restaurant Crawl!

2828 W Belmont Ave, Chicago 

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