Moe’s Tavern: “Good times. Great deals. Awesome music.”

Moe’s Tavern: “Good times. Great deals. Awesome music.”

“Good times. Great deals. Awesome music.” That sums up Moe’s Tavern.

It’s a relaxed neighborhood bar, clean and cozy, with friendly staff and a nice local crowd. You can meet new friends while enjoying cocktails or a great craft beer selection at very reasonable prices. A pool table, free foosball, and free darts await customers.  Even a dog.

Moe’s Tavern loves Avondale as a diverse area of Chicago with people from all walks of life. “Everyone who comes in here has a story to tell and something to bring to the table. As a neighborhood tavern we have the opportunity to try and serve as a meeting place for everyone.” They want to be known as a place where anyone can come to relax, have great beer and conversations with friends, and catch some of the best live music in the city.

Live music rocks the bar five nights a week. You can catch talented local bands and touring acts, plus open mics on Wednesday, and jazz and psychedelic jams on Sunday. The excellent sound system and sound guy make musicians enjoy playing there and make for a great experience.

Moe’s Tavern feels that cultural and community development are important. “Times are tough, the world is tumultuous, and we have to be able to rely on our friends, family, and community for support.”

Thank you, Moe’s Tavern, for sponsoring the 5th Annual Avondale Restaurant Crawl!

2937 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago

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