ProCasa Realty: “We’re Here to Solve Your Problem”

ProCasa Realty: “We’re Here to Solve Your Problem”

Loyda Paredes:¬†My husband and I have lived in Avondale since 2003. We have seen first-hand the reduction in crime, the increased community investment in maintaining our public spaces, and the addition of great restaurants. 14 years ago we saw the potential in this oft-ignored section of Chicago. 14 years ago, when referring to where we lived, we had to say “directly north of Logan Square.”

Avondale is now recognizable in its own right. As small business owners, homeowners, landlords, and residents of Avondale, we support our local businesses and community efforts. We love Avondale’s cultural diversity, eclectic housing stock, and affordability (relative to Logan Square!). We intend to do our part to support local businesses, organize community events, and maintain the unique flavor of Avondale.

As such, we support the Avondale Restaurant Crawl, which boosts our local businesses. Avondale is a great place to live, work, and prosper.

We Educate, Equip, and Empower Buyers and Sellers to make the right housing choice for their situation.

Thank you, ProCasa Realty, for sponsoring the Avondale Restaurant Crawl!


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